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Title: Untitled
Fandoms: Firefly/Serenity; Kyle XY, X-Men
Word Count: 646
Rating: PG
Timeline: Post Firefly Series, pre-BDM; [ profile] return_to_canon / [ profile] dauphinmare timeline Day 20
Warnings: None

Notes: *is shy*

Status: Completed; One-shot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing featured here, as per usual. Jaime is not my OC - she is the property of [ profile] said_the_otter. I borrowed her due to a random!muse.

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Who: River
Where: Outside the Barracks
When: ...Day 18
Rating: PG

Status: Closed / Finished
Summary: River wanders out of the barracks and encounters an invisible Jan, and a Pyro who doesn't want to be in Riverfell anymore. After brief discussions with both of them, River uses her stone to go back to DauphinMare - though she is reluctant to do so - and takes Lily with her to the infirmary.

Her first thoughts were 'where was Kyle?' )
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Who: Luna, Fenrir
Where: Barracks
When: ...Day 18
Rating: NC-17

Status: Closed / Finished
Summary: While making her escape, Luna encounters Fenrir, who takes her back to his lair and does naughty things to her. Thankfully, she is rescued by the light brigade before he can do too much damage.

She'd... sort of seen this coming. )
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Who: Barney
Where: Outside the Barracks
When: ...Day 18
Rating: R to be safe

Status: Closed / Finished
Summary: Barney is trying to subtly edge himself away from the barracks when he encounters Pandora, who is fascinated by him. He attempts to flirt his way out of the situation, which backfires and she starts to drink from him. Thankfully, Angua and Jasper come to his rescue, and Angua offers him a stone which he uses to return to DauphinMare.

He was starting to get a bit freaked out... )


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