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Who: Luna, Fenrir
Where: Barracks
When: ...Day 18
Rating: NC-17

Status: Closed / Finished
Summary: While making her escape, Luna encounters Fenrir, who takes her back to his lair and does naughty things to her. Thankfully, she is rescued by the light brigade before he can do too much damage.

Luna woke up in the barracks, shivering slightly. This wasn't her room, this wasn't her bed, and this wasn't what she had gone to sleep in.

This was Riverfell. She was almost certain. That hadn't been all there was to the task. They'd kidnapped people... for what purpose?

Chaos. She shivered. So she couldn't be the only one they kidnapped then. There had to be others. She had to find them, and...

She looked around. She was... fairly sure that they had not provided her with a wand, and she tried not to cry.

Steadying her breathing, and steeling herself, she decided that no one would be able to find her if she just stayed in here, and if that note on her desk was true... she couldn't... die today. So she slowly eased her way out of the room, and started moving toward where she thought the nearest exit was.

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He'd caught wind a little late of the fact people were about for playing. He'd seen a couple, already caught in the midst of things, and opted not to interfere with those.

Instead, he prowled around the dorms, looking for someone who wasn't from Riverfell.

Upon spotting Luna in the hallway, he started down after her. She definitely wasn't from Riverfell, and he grinned.

Come to think of it ... she looked a little familiar. More than just from yesterday. Like he knew her from home. "Hello, lovely," he said, a rasp to his voice, a grin on his lips.

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She gasped a shaky whimpered breath of fright when she heard a voice, immediately withdrawing and pressing herself against the wall, shutting her eyes tight. In hindsight, she would wonder why that was her first instinct... but she supposed running at this point was pointless. They were undoubtedly faster than she was. And her instinct was to try and blend in to the wall.

Or maybe see her attacker approaching her. But she reasoned that was difficult with her eyes closed. So she slowly opened them to see who she was dealing with.

"Gr... Greyback," she stuttered out, pushing herself further against the wall as though she could go through it.

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"Thought I recognized you," he murmured as he moved closer to her. Very close to her, since she was so conveniently pressing herself to the wall.

He had a moment of warring with himself - Voldemort was here, now, but Voldemort wasn't in charge. So did he still have to bring captives to him, now that he was here? Or could he play with them himself?

Moving to Luna, he leaned in to nuzzle at her throat, inhaling the scent of her, feeling her hair brushing against his face. "What're you doin' out here, all by your lonesome?"

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She squeaked when he got so close, trying to close her nose to his smell and biting down on her lip hard to keep herself from screaming, or crying, or both. She closed her eyes as if by blocking out the sight of him, she could eliminate him completely.

She tried to speak, and her arms raised up to try and push him away, beating on his chest. But she was so afraid, and feeling so helpless that she wasn't trying as hard as she maybe could have if she'd been more focused and angry. Not that she'd have had a chance either way.

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"Not much of an answer," he remarked as he moved to catch both of her wrists in his hand. He squeezed them if he caught them, and he moved his other hand to her head. Gripping her hair tightly, he jerked her head to the side.

He wondered if he should start playing with her now, or save her for later. If they couldn't kill them 'til later ... maybe he'd do better to simply ... tie her up. Maybe claw her up a little, but not start on anything he'd want to finish until the deadline was closer.

Deadline. He grinned at that. That was funny.

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She started to struggle a lot more when he grabbed her hands, writhing and thrashing against him, eyes still closed tightly, silently willing him to disappear. She let out a soft shriek, and a flurry of sobs were let loose when he jerked her head, flailing her arms in jerky motions at the shoulders in an effort to get her hands loose, and kicking at Fenrir with her feet.

She didn't know - and wouldn't have a better answer later - why she was being so quiet. Maybe to avoid attacking more of them to her location? Because more would be even harder to handle? She chocked back another sob, continuing to thrash and kick at him as best she could.

Date: 2009-01-11 08:01 am (UTC)
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He grinned. Spirited thing, but not much of anything worth fighting with. Tightening his grip on hand and hair, he grunted once as a kick managed to connect. For her troubles, he jerked her hair again, pretty sure he felt a few stands loosen if not come out all together.

Readjusting his grip on her wrist, he started to haul her off toward his room. He could keep her there. For a bit.

If he remembered how to be patient.

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Her shrieks turned into a genuine scream when he tugged at her hair again, melting down into sobs. She still couldn't manage to open her eyes, though her imagination filled in the blanks for her, painting a worse picture than what probably was actually happening. Her chest heaved with her sobs, and she continued to struggle against his grip, knowing that her struggles were a weak protest. But it wasn't as though she were just going to sit still and take this torment. She had to get away! She had to find a portal to DauphinMare and get back before something happened to her. She had to find help.

...And then they were moving. She screamed again, trying to pull back against nothing in an attempt to get her arms out of his grip, though the best she could probably hope for at this point was a dislocated shoulder. She dug her heels into the floor as if that would somehow impede his progress.

"No! Please!" she begged, finally finding her voice. "Please, no! Just... just let me go! Please! I don't want to be a wolf!"

She was aware her protests were feeble. But she was panicking, and babbling. She was surprised her pleas were coherent.

Date: 2009-01-11 08:37 am (UTC)
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He cuffed the side of her head with the hand holding her hair. "Quit yer strugglin'," he muttered crossly to her before jerking her hair again. He did have to chuff a little laugh at her protest about being a wolf. "No? We'll see. We'll see tonight when it's dark an' the moon's out."

Well, they wouldn't, really. Riverfell's moon was still nearly a week away. Though that made him wonder ... could he keep her here and alive for a week, and turn her then?

Or would his patience wear out and prompt him to act faster?

Once he got her to his room, he twisted open the door and tossed her in. Grinning, he followed after her.

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She felt something in her neck snap as she was roughly handled, but she didn't think anything was broken. It simply sent a new wash of pain coursing through her system and she whimpered softly, continuing her struggles in spite of his words to stop.

Because if she kept going, there was a chance that she might eventually break free. If she stopped, there surely wasn't.

"You can't... do this," she choked out. "Please!"

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"Can," he said. "Did."

Closing the door behind them, he leaned against it.

His room was, perhaps not surprisingly, very cave-like. It was dirty and it likely stank. The bed was unmade, the sheets piled almost nest-like on the mattress.

He watched her, still grinning, curious to see what she'd do in his room but without him holding her.

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She opened her eyes when he released her, looking for a way out. But the sights proved too much for her, and she closed them sharply, whimpering a bit. Her entire body was trembling with fear and she willing so badly for a rescue team to come bursting in. Or for her to wake up. She would take either at this point. Or another that she couldn't think of that involved her getting very far away from here, very quickly.

She thought about apparating. She really did. They'd studied up on it briefly before Christmas in anticipation for the beginning of lessons. Or... the Slytherins had, and the DA had stolen their notes. It was almost worth splinching herself at this point.


Still quivering, she opened one eye to regard him, panic stricken. "Wh... what are you going to do to me?" she asked, voice barely there. She mostly mouthed the words.

Date: 2009-01-11 11:22 am (UTC)
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"Dunno," he admitted. And he really didn't know what he wanted to do to her. Or with her. Ravage her? Rape her? Devour her?

How would he be stopped? They couldn't kill until midnight, and he didn't want to start only to have to stop.

"Hold you here," he decided as he took a few steps closer to her. "Maybe give you to Lord Voldemort, if he wants you." The wolf leered at her. "Maybe keep you 'til the full. Turn you into somethin' like me."

Leaning over her, he ran his tongue along her jaw to her ear. He closed his teeth against the lobe unless she moved, though he didn't bite, didn't break the skin.

No, if he started down that path, he'd want to keep going ... and he couldn't yet.

Date: 2009-01-11 11:45 am (UTC)
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Beyond her shivers intensifying and he weak cries, she didn't move as he ran his tongue along her jaw, but she did flinch away when she felt his teeth closing on her ear. She didn't go very far - she didn't see the point of racing across the room to try and escape him. She just eased enough away that nothing of hers was in contact with anything of his.

She wanted to protest to his statements that he was going to give her to Voldemort, but what could she do? She didn't have a wand, he'd already proven that he could overpower her, and unless someone came to her rescue she was really quite stuck here.

There was a certain... finality to accepting that that she couldn't quite wrap her mind around.

"Is there anything I can do to convince you to let me go?" she asked quietly.

Date: 2009-01-11 11:47 am (UTC)
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He chuffed, then laughed quietly. "Maybe. Let's see what's under that shirt, yeah?" He was a little leery of starting down that path though. It wasn't so far from fucking them to eating them, and he really, really, really wanted to wait, to enjoy this.

"Maybe I'll let you out if you give me your shirt." Though then he'd have to keep an eye on her, make sure none of the others around here go their hands on her.

But how many of them were going to chew her up, really?

Date: 2009-01-11 12:07 pm (UTC)
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Luna felt horror spreading through ever cell in her body, causing a dull ache in her already sore muscles, and leaving her with... not the shivery sensation she'd had before, but a curiously numb feeling. As though the horror had left her paralysed.

No. Ever last inch of her was screaming no to that demand. And every part of her was convinced that that maybe was just as much a no as her instinct to not remove her top for him.

She thought about standing there and doing nothing. A fleeting thought reminded her that earlier she'd been arguing the opposite - struggling was pointless but at least there was hope. Now there was significantly more hope - there was a maybe - and she was doing nothing?

But this was different than struggling. This was... a choice. And she hated it.

And slowly, the fear morphed into a kind of disgusted anger, and with that disgusted anger came a release on the paralysis that was keeping her from moving. And when the motion seized her she forced herself not to think about it as she crossed her arms in front of her, gripping the hem of her shirt and pulling it up quickly before tossing it shirt away. Out of instinct, her arms then immediately crossed over her bare chest, and she stared at the ground in anger, as though it were the fault of the floor that she had been reduced to this.

But no. That wasn't the game.

Slowly, she forced herself to lower her arms, not looking up from the spot on the floor where she was glaring.

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He groaned softly as he gazed at her. Tiny, young thing. Mmm, yeah. Grunting slightly, he moved closer to her. Curved nails dug lightly at her skin as he moved his hands over her slowly. He cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples before sliding his hand down and around, cupping her rear, squeezing softly.

He was panting a little as he dragged one nail between her thighs, twisting his finger to flick the hard nail against her clit before he withdrew his hand.

Grinning, he took a couple of steps away from her to study her. "So you have your choices. Stay, here, and I won't hurt you until tonight. Or go out there like you are, and take your chances with what's out there."

Maybe he'd meant to say 'who' but ... what sounded so much more appropriate.


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