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Title: Untitled
Fandoms: Firefly/Serenity; Kyle XY, X-Men
Word Count: 646
Rating: PG
Timeline: Post Firefly Series, pre-BDM; [ profile] return_to_canon / [ profile] dauphinmare timeline Day 20
Warnings: None

Notes: *is shy*

Status: Completed; One-shot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing featured here, as per usual. Jaime is not my OC - she is the property of [ profile] said_the_otter. I borrowed her due to a random!muse.

"I should teach you to dance," River burst out quite suddenly. She'd been calculating the distances between objects and determining their centres of gravity based on the way dust particles swivelled around them silently for the last ten minutes, and Mal jumped from his corner where he'd been polishing his gun, and blinked bewilderedly at her.

"Dance?" Kyle asked, wrinkling his nose slightly, but there was a smile in place. He looked up innocently to Mal from his spot next to River, where he'd been gently rubbing her back. He was not surprised by her outburst - he'd sensed the change in her mood as she contemplated.

"Dance," River said, nodding as she turned to look at him with a small smile. "You'd be good at it." Though of course he knew that - Kyle was good at most everything.

He grinned again - though his look indicated he didn't completely understand - and nodded his head. Whatever she wanted.

Mal rolled his eyes from his position at the end of the table. "You learn to dance in this here galley and we're going to have words," he warned them. In the past, his warning might have been to River, but he directed his words more toward Kyle now. He thought he and the boy had an understanding.

...Well. Most of the time anyway.

"Oh let them," Jaime murmured, only half paying attention to what was going on. She was counting their earnings from the last job, and frowning in annoyance at how the numbers weren't matching up. "You're sure you only gave Jayne a hundred?"

"Bao bai," Mal said, putting down his gun with an air of, 'I've said this a thousand times' and regarding her with a pointed expression. "I told you. Counted 'em my own self, without any help."

Jaime looked at Mal skeptically, before her eyes drifted over to Kyle.

Kyle grinned sheepishly. "A hundred," he agreed. He would have done the counting himself, but Jaime seemed to enjoy doing it, and he didn't want to take that away from her.

Jaime sighed heavily, shooting Mal a teasing apologetic smile before she rose from the table. "He's been pilfering again," she said, starting to move in the direction of Jayne's bunk.

"Mmm," Mal said, noncommittally, watching her move as she left the room.

Jaime felt his eyes on her, and smirked, turning around to catch him in the act. "If they want to dance Mal, let them dance," she said, nodding to River and Kyle to indicate who she was talking about - as though she needed to - before turning around again. "Maybe they'll teach you something."

"I dance just fine!" Mal called out, banging his gun down on the table so it made a satisfying clanking noise before he stood up, scratching his chair against the hard metal of the floor to follow Jaime out of the room.

He merely intended to finish their conversation, but if they got distracted in the meantime... well. He wasn't going to complain.

Alone in the kitchen, Kyle turned to River. She had a curious expression on her face, her eyes darting between the door to the galley and the space where Mal had been sitting, as though she were puzzled about something. "Dance?" he said quietly to her, to remind her what her train of thought had been before Mal had interrupted.

"Hm?" River said, turning her head to him and smiling slightly - as though she hadn't heard his question. But he knew she had, and was merely processing it. She would respond when she was ready. She leaned back against him, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth and sucking on it lightly before releasing it again. "Maybe later," she said finally.

Kyle smiled slightly, and exhaled in a light chuckle noise. "Later," he agreed, wrapping his arms around her waist.


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