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Title: Five Song Meme (see below)
Fandoms: Star Trek: XI (Star Trek: Reboot, nu!Trek, new!movie...)
Pairing(s): Kirk / Spock
Word Count: 116 + 237 + 306 + 287 + 506
Rating: PG-13? Maybe less.
Timeline: Post-movie
Warnings: None I can think of. Slash?

Summary: Meme: Put your music player on shuffle. Write a drabble for the first five songs that come up. You must write the drabble in the amount of time the song runs for.

Notes: I... may have cheated slightly. *hangs head* But only slightly. A few of these got away with me. But I like to think that I did the meme justice, because for those that I strayed on, I also started late.

Also, plz to not be judging me for the songs. XD

Status: Completed

Disclaimer: I'm sticking with one I've seen around the fandom: Kirk and Spock belong to each other. Everything else belongs to its respective owners. I'm just playing around in the stardustbox.


Sway -- Michael Buble

"I don't understand the point of this exercise."

"Come on Spock, it's fun!"

Kirk had replicated an old fashioned record machine, and was playing a section of Big Band thrillers from Earth's early 1920 period. He was moving in motions that Spock admitted privately were strangle arousing in a "I didn't know that humans could move that way" sort of way. He reached out his hands, putting them on either side of Spock's waist, attempting to get the Vulcan to move with him - at least a bit.

"Vulcans do not dance," Spock murmured quietly, perhaps apologetically.

Kirk just grinned. "Not yet," he amended.

Spock quirked an eyebrow, a hint of a grin on his lips.


Dragostea din tei (mix) -- Ozone

They'd beamed down to another planet, and as expected - another away mission was going to go wrong. They'd been in the middle of trade negotiations with Ambassedor Sar'el, when suddenly a smirk had crossed his lips, and his guards had reacted. Kirk, Spock and McCoy suddenly found themselves standing back to back in a small circle, outmanned and outgunned by the 10 or so aliens that now pointed phasers at them.

Kirk was hit first, unable to dodge the six blasts that were aimed at him - but he was proud to have taken out for of them. He felt his world cave in on him, everything appearing to move in slow motion as the world started to make very little sense. Swirlling colours swayed around his vision for a full minute, and a crazed grin crossed his lips. He was unable to distinguish the difference between his brains synapses firing, and the view of the transporters beaming him up.

"That was fun," he giggled as he crashed into Spock, landing on the landing pad.

"'Fun' is not the word I would choose, Captain," Spock said stiffly, attempting to righten Kirk.

"At least someone had the common sense to call Scotty, rather than starting to fire," McCoy mutters irritably, glaring at Kirk, who is really just far too intrigued by the sparkles that are glittering in his vision, apparently just out of reach of his hands.


Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) -- Perry Farrell

The sound of the heavy techno beat his Spock's sensitive ears when the man standing outside of the bar opens it to let him in. It was difficult to convince the man to allow him into the club - apparently, he didn't feel that a Vulcan would be fun for the other compatrients. But Spock insisted. There was something about this club that was blocking transport and communications, and it was very important that he speak with the Captain.

The lights were also extremely irritating, but Spock did what he could to block them out as he slipped further into the club, watching carefully for any sight of Starfleet's finest Captain.

Whom he finally spotted, surrounded by many beautiful alien females in the middle of the dance floor, pressing up against them and gyrating provocatively, looking for all the world to be having intercourse with them, though he was fully clothed. Spock felt something bristle inside of him, and logically dismissed it as anger that Kirk was off acting inappropriate of his station, without a care for Enterprise, who was going out of their mind searching for their Captain.

He moved forward, several girls scattering quickly at his approach, and settled a hand on Kirk's shoulder.

"Captain, I need to speak with you," he said sharply into Kirk's ear, and his own tone surprised him - he had not meant to convey the statement that strongly.

A strange shudder runs through Kirk's body, and Spock swears that he hears a gasping sort of breath escape from Kirk's mouth - but he supposes that it could easily have been someone in the near vicinity. Kirk turns to look at him with dark eyes, a lazy smirk in place.

"Of course Spock," he all but purrs as he turns to follow his First Officer out of the club.


Promise -- Simple Plan

Spock wandered into Kirk's quarters for one of their nightly games of chess, and nearly had to resist the urge to cover his ears at the offensive loud noise that filled his ears. "Computer - lower volume 60%!" he said sharply before he even properly took the time to analyze it.

"Aw, Spock!" Kirk whine, his arms dropping from a curious gesture. Spock regarded him for a moment, and Kirk smirked at him.

"Admiring my air guitar?" Kirk asked, lifting his arms to mimic holding what Spock assumed to be the 'guitar' to which Kirk had referenced. His face took on a look of intensity as Kirk let the music overcome him, and moved his arm in a sharp downward motion as through strumming the strange instrument.

Spock raised an eyebrow, watching Kirk as he moved, and Kirk eventually stopped. "Stupid, I know. It's always something I regretted - that I never really learned..." how to play an instrument, Spock surmised, though Kirk didn't finish the statement.

Spock continued to regard Kirk curiously for a moment. "Surely it's not too late?" he pointed out. "Certainly there are programs on the hollodeck that you could alter to your satisfaction? At a lower volume, perhaps."

Kirk grinned a bit at Spock, and rolled his shoulder in a shrugging gesture. "Nah," he said, moving to set up the chess board, though there was a twinge of sadness in his words. "Haven't really got the time."

Spock stiffened slightly. "If our nightly encounters are keeping you from-"

"Spock," Kirk said quickly, cutting him off. "It's your move."

It wasn't - the board was not entirely set up yet - but this was one time that Spock understood (and appreciated) the gesture.


The Reason -- Hoobastank

Kirk stood on the observation deck, looking out at the stars, nursing a single drink and entirely lost in thought.

A year. He'd been captaining this ship for an entire year. He'd taken her through some really interesting adventures, away missions that always seemed to go wrong, shore leave that never seemed to go regularly either. He'd forged some really great - really meaningful - friendships, both on ship and off, and he'd learned some lessons. Sometimes the hard way.

He thought back on his life, on the man that he used to be - a genius offender, as Pike had put it once, on route to nowhere, and how he'd completely turned his life around by the simple decision to enlist in Star Fleet.

So did he owe the man he'd become to himself? Did he owe it to Pike?

The sound of the doors opening caught his attention, and he turned a glance over his head. Spock stopped in his tracks, seeming surprised to see Kirk there. His expression glossed over quickly before Kirk could identify too many of the emotions.

"Spock," he greeted, lifting his glass. He wondered if he had subconsciously chosen not to lock the door in case the Vulcan had decided to show.

"My apologies for the intrusion, Captain," Spock said, sounding minorly uncomfortable to Kirk's ears. "I was... unaware the deck was occupied."

"Not at all, Spock," Kirk said. "I was just..." a smile quirked his lips. "Celebrating an anniversary."

Spock quirked an eyebrow. "Ah. The day you assumed command of the Enterprise." He paused. "Are congratulations in order?" he asked, brow furrowing briefly. "I am unaccustomed with human-"

Kirk chuckled, cutting him off with a wave of his hand. "Don't worry about it, Spock," he said lightly. "I was just reflecting on it. On what's changed, and maybe what hasn't." He shook his head once, taking a sip of his drink. "And what's been for the better... and what perhaps hasn't..."

He trailed off, and Spock shifted slightly. "If I may, Captain?"

Kirk glanced at him again, a small nod of his head indicating Spock should continue.

"I would argue that any negative changes that have occurred in the past year have only served to facilitate a positive change as well, and therefore could not be classified as a negative change," he said.

Kirk thought about that for a moment, his lips quirking upward before he nodded, turning to move toward the door. "Thank you, Mr. Spock," he said, clapping the Vulcan on the shoulder briefly as he passed.

For an instant, Spock felt a heavy swell of emotion directed toward him. Gratitude, admiration, devotion... and an undercurrent of something he couldn't quite place, but Kirk's hand was gone before he could identify it. He turned, watching Kirk exit the observation desk, his usual mask of logic slipping from view for a moment as confusion settled in.

But the moment passed. It always did, between them. And both of them wondered what would happen the moment it didn't.


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