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Title: Spatial Harmonies, 8 / 10
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairing(s): implied Simon/River; Simon/Kaylee
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1, 875
Songs: No Way Out – Phil Collins; When There Was Me and You – High School Musical

Meanwhile, on another area of the ship entirely, Simon was dealing with his own backlash from Sweet’s curse.

Kaylee was on her back in the engine room, tinkering with this and that and the ship. Simon hovered in the door frame, his eyes trailing over her smooth body, and gentle curves. He cared for her, he really did. If he had met her back on Osiris...things could have been so much different. Of course, he would never have met her on Osiris. Girls with such spirit were a rarity among rich families. He supposed that was part of the reason why he’d never been able to find one that suited him. When you’d seen the best...when you’d seen River...there were none that compared. She was the very definition of-

“Simon?” Kaylee’s voice brought him out of his dream, and back into the deep shame he was feeling in his heart. It wasn’t like he and Kaylee were actually together. Nothing had ever been specified. They were...friends. That was really it, wasn’t it? Just because it seemed for a while there that they were going to be more, didn’t necessarily mean, sometimes-

“Simon,” Kaylee repeated. She had stood up, her face covered in engine grease from all the working she had been doing and gosh but was she ever pretty. So...different from River, and yet so the same. She may not have had the book learning that he and River had, but she had the smiling expression, the gentle understanding, the honesty, the devotion.

“Okay, now you’re scarin’ me,” Kaylee said, giving his shoulder a shove. “What’re you starin’ at?”

“You,” Simon said, finally finding his voice. “You, and how pretty you look today.”

Kaylee blushed, the most brilliant shade of red that Simon had ever seen, and it just made her look all the sweeter. Made what he had to say next all the harder.

“Kaylee, I...” he trailed off, not really sure where to begin. “You’ve,” he paused again, “I’m sure you’ve noticed the singing...”

“People baring their deepest darkest feelin’s and secrets through songs, yeah,” Kaylee said with that same bright smile, leaning back gently against the wall. “Why?” she teased. “You say anythin’ I should know ‘bout?”

“I...” Simon trailed off again. This was so much harder than when he had rehearsed it. “I...sang to River.”

Kaylee laughed, a bright tinkling noise in an otherwise gloomy night. She fluttered her pretty lashes at him in her flirtatious way. “Of course you did,” she said. “What’d you sing about?”

And now, possibly the hardest part of all. Simon spoke, and his words held disbelief in them. He himself didn’t believe that there was anything to it, that he had truly sung to River about... “I told her that I...I loved her.”

Kaylee smiled, rolling her eyes at first. But there was something in Simon’s expression that caused her to pause. She looked at him, first in confusion, and then in understanding. Shocked, possibly even disgusted understanding. “What?” she gasped out.

“I...I didn’t even realize!” Simon stuttered out, moving to block her path as Kaylee tried to push past him, to leave the room, to just be away from him. He needed to explain. “I didn’t mean for it to happen, just all of a sudden it was there, and I...”

“I don’t really want to hear it Simon,” Kaylee said, pushing past him and heading towards her room.

“Really, what you do on your own time, that’s your business, and...oh god.”

“Kaylee, please!” Simon said, but she was already moving from her. Simon could hear a soft sound playing in the background. Fearfully, he called out to Kaylee in song.

“Everywhere I turn I hurt someone,”

Kaylee paused in her vapid departure. She didn’t look at him, but she was at least listening.

“But there’s nothing I can say to change the things I’ve done.”

Simon began to move towards her. Still Kaylee would not look at him. He could see her shoulders heaving with repressed sobs.

“Of all the things I’ve hid from you,
I cannot hide the shame!
And I pray someone,
something will come
to take away the pain!

There’s no way out of this dark place
no hope, no future.”

He was just behind Kaylee now, keeping a more or less respectable distance. She could feel him there, slowly she turned to face him, face showing clear tear tracks through the dirt and grease.

“I know I can’t be free!
But I can’t see another way...
and I can’t face another day.”

Kaylee looked into his eyes in confusion. Here he was, exposing his soul to her. Perhaps it was not in the way she had originally wanted, but she was willing to take just about anything she got at this point. Plus, it proved that he cared for her. Maybe not as much as he cared for River, but it was still something.

“Tell me where did I go wrong?”

Kaylee did her very best to avoid scoffing at him.

“Everyone I love, they’re all gone.”

This she couldn’t avoid scoffing at. She turned and pushed past him, heading back in the direction she had gone, deciding not to go to her room. She would go to Inara’s shuttle. Inara would understand her pain, know how to make her feel better. But Simon reached out and grabbed her arm.

“I’d do everything so differently,
but I can’t turn back the time!
There’s no shelter, from this storm inside of me...”

Kaylee looked at him. He really was beat up about this. It was causing him actual pain. He was truly sorry for what he’d confessed to, though he never once denied that it was true. She decided that it was an admirable quality, but she still...she didn’t know if she could still be friends with a man who would...betray her like that. And not really understand what a betrayal it had been.

There’s no way out of this dark place!
No hope, no future.”

Kaylee looked at him. No hope? That wasn’t true. There was always hope. And life always went on, the future was always right around the corner, a blessing and a curse in the same instant. She bit her lip anxiously.

“I know I can’t be free!
But I can’t see another way.
I can’t face, another day...”

There were tears rolling down his face. Kaylee reached out her hand to brush them away, and then hesitated. Her hand halfway to his face, she finally decided that he needed her right then, and she wanted to make him feel better. She reached the rest of the way, and gently brushed the tears from his face. She forgave least partly...for his actions.

Simon looked up at her in shock and surprise, his lip quivering. He gazed into her eyes, and he continued to sing, with Kaylee echoing gently in places in a soft light voice.

“Can’t believe the sight I see,
it’s an answer to a prayer!
When I look at you I see...
this place, this time,
this friend of mine.”

As Simon hummed, closing his eyes and reaching his hand up to place it on hers, where she had rested it against his cheek, Kaylee tried not to wince at the word friend.

“I know it’s hard, but you found somehow,
to look into your heart, and to forgive me now!
You’ve given me, the strength to see,
just where my journey ends!
You’ve given me, the strength to carry on!
oh oh oh!”

Kaylee was all smiles. It felt...good to have healed Simon, even if it caused her slight pain. She had done something good. She sang gently along with him.

“I see the path from this dark place
I see the future!
You’re forgiveness has set me free!
And I can see another way!
I can face another day!”

The music was beginning to fade. Kaylee and Simon repeated the last chorus gently, moving into a small hug as they faded out the song. Then, they merely stood there and held each other.

“I’m sorry,” Simon said finally. “I really am, you have no idea how badly I feel-”

“Well, I have some idea,” Kaylee said with a small chuckle. Simon chuckled along with her. Then, deciding she needed to be alone for a while, she pulled away from Simon. Looking up into his eyes, she said gently, “Hey, do you mind if I go...away for a while? Talk to ‘Nara maybe?”

“Oh, oh of course,” Simon said, releasing her quickly and stepping back a bit. “Of course, yeah. I’ll...I’ll talk to you later then.”

Kaylee nodded, not sure that she could find the right words, and watch Simon scurry off, before she turned and walked, not towards Inara’s shuttle, but towards her room again. She pushed open the door, it letting off its familiar hiss, and stepped down into her room. The rather large and frilly pink dress that Captain Reynolds had bought for her was still hanging in its normal place, and she smiled weakly at it. As the door closed above her, she collapsed against the back wall, not sure where to start with the pain in her heart. As her heart opened up, she heard music beginning to play in the background. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and began to sing.

“It’s funny when you find yourself,
looking from the outside.
I’m standing here, and all I want
is to be over there!

Why did I let myself believe
miracles could happen?
‘Cause now I have to pretend
that I don’t really care!

I thought you were my fairy tale!
My dream when I’m not sleepin’
A wish upon a star
that’s coming true!
But everybody else could tell
that I confused my feelings
with the truth...
when there was me and you...”

Kaylee moved slowly over to her bed, sitting down on it, as she moved into the next verse.

“I swore I knew the melody
that I heard you singing.
And when you smiled you made me feel
like I could sing along!

But then you went and changed the words!
Now my heart is empty!
I’m only left with used-to-be’s
and once upon a song...

Now I know you’re not a fairy tale...
and dreams were made for sleeping.
And wishes on a star
just don’t come true!
‘Cause now, even I can tell
that I confused my feelings with the truth.
Because I liked the view...
when there was me and youuu!”

Kaylee held the last note, standing up angrily and singing the bridge towards the door of her room. It was as if she could sing it through the door, and right into Simon’s heart.

“I can’t believe that I could be so blind!
It’s like you were floatin’ while I was fallin’
and I didn’t mindddd...”

Kaylee trailed off, the power leaving her voice as she fell back onto her bed, her eyes never leaving the door. Her heart never breaking the connection with Simon’s.

“’Cause I liked the view...
thought you felt it too...
when there was me and you.”

Clutching a small teddy bear to her chest, Kaylee rolled over in her bed and tried to fall asleep.

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