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Title: Spatial Harmonies, 3/10
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairing(s): Mal/Inara; brief implications of Mal/River
Rating: PG...i think. Possibly PG-13 for sexual implications.
Word Count: 1, 075
Songs: (briefly) Strange Disease - Prozzak.
El Tango de Roxanne - Moulin Rouge Cast (originally by the Police)
(Inara is dancing to Bolero - from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack)

Meanwhile, in another part of the ship, Mal was hunting down the music. He could hear it very clearly, coming from every corner of the ship. Over here, Jayne was humming a theme song as her darted around with his weapons. Over there, Zoe and Wash, passionately singing to each other in deep and loving melodies. Mal was practically livid; he didn’t like not understanding what was going on, and obviously the entire crew had been affected by some strange disease that was causing them all to start singing.

Mal heard a strange beat in the back of his head, and female back up singing chorusing “ooh, ooh!” Before he could stop himself, he was mumbling out, “I’ve got a strange disease...”

“No!” he exclaimed, louder than he intended to, smashing his fist into the wall. The music in his head stopped just as quickly as it had begun, but Mal could still hear music. He followed it angrily, sure that he was going to find another crew member immersed in their own private song.

He found Inara, but she was not absorbed in song. She was delicately dancing to a soft piano piece. Mal was entranced by her soft movements; she had a brilliant red scarf, on which was written a single word: Roxanne. Inara waved it around her with such precision and amazement, and as Mal watched, he began to believe that they were the only two people in that room.

Inara always had the talent of making him feel that way, like she was the only woman around. When she was around, Mal felt a combination of being completely alone in the world, and being only with her. It left him all turned around and confused. He needed her, craved her, wanted to feel the way she would feel pressed up against him. He always had.

Though, he often wondered if it was just that he longed to be with anyone, and Inara, being a Companion and all, had simply caught his interest.

Suddenly, the music deepened. A steady drumbeat joined the blissful piano, and Inara’s movements became more direct. As a string section joined in, the music began speeding up, and Inara’s movements became harsher, more specific, and faster. Her arms whirling around her in an intricate dance number. Mal still stood there amazed by her performance.

She reminded him of River. Both girls moved with such extraordinary grace, that was unmatched by any that Mal had ever seen before. In his mind, the two girls were the same, body and soul, both with an intricate ability to move in time to a steady beat, with all the grace of an angel. Mal shook the thoughts of River from his mind. Wouldn’t be right, he reasoned, with her being so young, and he and Inara in the middle of...whatever sort of twisted relationship they had formed.

As the music built to a shocking crescendo, Inara moved forward so that her form was blocked by the doorframe. Desperate to continue to watch her dance piece, Mal stepped forward into her room to see what she was doing, and saw to his great frustration that Inara wasn’t simply dancing for her own pleasure; she was dancing for a client. Jealousy overcame him, driving him absolutely mad with frustration. As Inara’s song came to a complex close, Mal heard an overlap of music, and an urge deep within him to burst into song. This time, he couldn’t fight it, and as Inara kissed her hand and pressed it to the view screen in goodbye, Mal burst out into song.

“Will drive you...will drive you...will drive you...MAD”

Glancing at the scarf still wrapped around her arm, Roxanne glittering in gold lettering, Mal chose to use it artistically, and ripped it from Inara’s grasp. She looked up at him in surprise, and partial anger, opening her mouth to speak, but Mal cut her off with an angry...

You don’t have to put on that red light!
Walk the streets for money...
You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it is right.
you don’t have to wear that dress tonight...
You don’t have to sell your body to the night!”

Inara glared at him in anger, taking the scarf back from him and turning away to pack it away, and also clear up her shuttle a bit. Mal felt his mood shift, and heard the music change along with it as he grabbed Inara’s arm, and looked deep into her eyes, his words confessing truth.

“His eyes, upon your face...
his hand, upon your hand...
his lips, caress your skin...
it’s more than I can stand!”

Inara became moved by the song, her eyes filling with emotions that Mal had never been able to read. As he burst into the next verse, Inara joined him, singing a verse of her own.

You’re free to leave me
but please don’t deceive me
and please believe me when I say I love you!

“Why does my heart cry...
feelings I can’t fight...
You’re free to leave me
but please don’t deceive me
and please believe me when I say I love you!”

Mal was gripping tightly to Inara, but she was pulling away, understanding as Mal did that it simply was too much to handle. The two of them were caught in some strange dance, the music getting more and more intense with each passing beat, as Mal desperately tried to keep hold of the woman of his affections.

you don’t have to put on that red light...
you don’t have to wear that dress tonight...
you don’t have to put on that red light...

“Why...does my heart cry...
Feelings I can’t fight...”

you don’t have to wear that dress tonight...

The music was building up to a grand finale, but it wasn’t the one Mal was hoping for, leaning in and hoping to have the opportunity to get just one kiss, just one tiny kiss from the woman he loved, or at least lusted for. The emotions building so tense in his heart, the desire mounting so huge. As the music was coming to a stop, Mal leaned in once more to steal a kiss, and Inara struck him across the face.

The two looked at each other in shock, the music screeching out its final notes. No words were spoken. Mal turned and left the room.

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