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Title: Spatial Harmonies
Fandoms: Firefly/Serenity; also Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
Pairing(s): Pairing focus will vary by chapter. Master list is here.
Word Count: Final total [10 chapters] is just over 17,500 words. [17,668]. Specific chapter counts are included in the summary.
Rating: Overall, PG-13. Ratings will be chapter specific.
Timeline: Pre-BDM but post series, sometime after Sheppard Book has made the decision to leave Serenity, using established canon from all Buffy/Angelverse episodes, but ignoring the comics.
Warnings: Minor direct spoilers from Buffy episode 612: Once More With Feeling, and general canon fodder from all fandoms. Potential pairings squick.

Summary: When a strange demon creature appears on Serenity, causing the crew to burst into song, the crew is forced to take a hard look at their relationships with each other, their co-existence on the ship, and some even their place on it - or otherwise allow their burning passions to consume them.

Notes: Indirectly inspired by [ profile] eowyn_315’s fic which was an extension of "Once More With Feeling": I wondered what would happen if Sweet appeared on Serenity.

Songfic aspects, obviously. Also, as I have nowhere NEAR the skills and talents that our esteemed master Joss Whedon does, I will be using random songs that I feel suit my purpose. Master list of all songs can be found here (with links to songs).

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

Status: Completed

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this fic are the property of Joss Whedon, ME*, and all people contained therein. In addition to that, I have not written any of the songs contained in this fic - merely edited them shamelessly to suit my purposes. The songs themselves are the property of their respective songwriters, who are credited in the openers of each chapter. Keep in mind that all this is done for entertainment purposes only - no one is making any money on this publication, and even if they were, it would all go towards the purchasing of more Joss Whedon merchandise anyway...

*By "ME", I of course mean Mutant Enemy, and not myself. The latter would only be wishful thinking.
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