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To Help You Navigate


Chances are you've been directed here because I've posted a link to a fic from a community. If you've found this journal on your own, all the better.

Within these virtual pages you will find a great many things, ranging from original works of poetry and prose, to decent fanfiction, to total Mary Sue crap :) You'll find half finished ideas, you'll find random dialogue with no purpose. Hell, you'll find just about everything.

I do take requests! Feel free to leave a comment with something you'd like to see! I'm very familiar with most of the popular (and obscure) fandoms, and am not adverse to trying something new if you put forth a recommendation. I have a lot of time on my hands :)

If you like what you see, feel free to friend the journal :) Though note that while all posts are made public, only actual stories will appear as entries on your flist page. Scenes, ideas and random drabbles will be tagged and remain public here, so don't forget to check back if that kind of thing interests you!

Comments and crit are most welcome if you'd like to give them, even months after the story's been published.

Finally, my tag system is somewhat daunting for those who do not understand the way my brain works.

"Admin" posts are posts that relate to this journal, as opposed to writing. Alternatively, they are sticky posts that remain at the top of this journal. They have the "admin" tag because I needed a tag that started with an "a" so that they would remain at the top of the tag list, and thus would be easy to find.

"Crossover" tag is more or less self-explanatory. All stories that involve a crossover between fandoms will receive this tag.

"Fandom: [fandom name]" tags are also fairly self explanatory. Note that not every entry that relates to a specific fandom will be tagged - only the "introductory" post will. For example, you'll notice that my story Spatial Harmonies has multiple tags on the introductory post, but each subsequent chapter only has the tag for the story. This is to avoid overcrowding the tag.

"Fic: [fic name]" tags will be attached to all chapters of any given story, in order that these stories can be found quickly by name, as opposed to genre (the equivalent of which would be "fandom name")

"Ideas: [name]" - this tag is somewhat difficult to explain. When I get an idea for a particular fandom, I will come up with a name for a potential story, and post it here under this tag, as an introductory post. This partiular tag does not necessarily give any hint as to which fandom the idea is linked to, so the entry will also be tagged according to its respective fandom. Posts under this tag are the ultimate of Work In Progress and may never be developed into a full story.

"Meme!Fic" - is a tag that will be attached to a fic that I wrote quickly in response to a meme, or a prompt. It won't be part of a larger story, and it will likely be unbeta'd - even by myself. It'll be a totally raw "I had to get this idea out" sort of fic.

"One!Shot" - will be attached to standalone stories that I don't intend to make into multiple parts, or continue.

"Pairing: [name]/[name]" tags will be attached to one!shot posts, the master list of pairings for a story, or the introductory post to a story if there is only one pairing involved.

"Rating: [rating letter by American standards]" - on the introductory post for a story, I will also attach the overall rating of the story. This is mostly for those people who only read the hard R, NC-17 stuff, or for those who are just looking for a feel-good G story. I find its a convenient way to search, at least. Don't you wish all writing journals were as complicatedly organized as mine? ^_~

"Scene: [idea-name]" tag is attached to stories that have not blossomed beyond the "idea". Entires with this tag will contain random ideas, concepts, or pictures concerning an idea I had for a story (which, see idea, may never get written).

"Thoughts" - I may have lied a little bit when I said that this journal would be exclusive to writing. Under this tag, I will post random questions or thoughts I had concerning a fandom and leave them up for debate. For example, I may pose the question: "If Buffy became a vampire, who would it be that sired her?" looking for a response, and tag the entry "thoughts". The reason for this tag is that I feel that all entries I post here should have some sort of tag so that I can find them again quickly if I need to. Like a comprehensive search engine. Whoo overtagging things!

As I create more tags, I will return and edit this page. Don't forget to leave your requests!