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Master List: Songs

*Note* I have included two links: one link to a youtube video that features the song, and one link to the song on the free database IMEEM. I've included both because I am unsure which will work better, or for how long. Comment if the link breaks - I'll search for another.

Chapter One
Ordinary Day -- Great Big Sea [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Two
What A Good Boy -- Barenaked Ladies [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Three
Strange Disease (briefly) -- Prozzak [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM] not available :(

Bolero -- Moulin Rouge Closing Credits [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

El Tango de Roxanne -- Moulin Rouge Cast (originally by The Police) [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Four
Lips of an Angel -- Hinder [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Your Song -- Elton John [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Five
One Song, Glory -- RENT [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Losing My Religion -- REM [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Six
Field of Innocence -- Evanescence [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

What You Feel -- Joss Whedon (as sung by character Sweet, played by Hinton Battle and character Dawn, played by Michelle Trachtenberg) [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Seven
Gotta Go My Own Way -- Gabreille and Troy - High School Musical 2 (as sung by Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron) [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Side by Side -- Harry M. Woods and Gus Kahn (made popular by Kay Starr) [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM] not available :(

Chapter Eight
No Way Out -- Phil Collins [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

When There Was Me and You -- Gabriella (as sung by Vanessa Hudgens) [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Nine
Misery -- Green Day [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

Chapter Ten
See You Again -- Miley Cyrus [YOUTUBE] [IMEEM]

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