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SH - Part 1/10

Title: Spatial Harmonies, Chapter One
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairing(s): hints Mal/River, Wash/Zoe
Rating: G
Word Count: 1, 187
Songs: Ordinary Day -- Great Big Sea. Note that some words have been changed to suit the situation.

It was a horrible, awful, silly little mistake.

It had been River who originally found the trinket; so shiny and beautiful at a little shop on a moon just beyond Paquin. She showed it to Kaylee, pointing out all the intricacies of the metal work; the object was obviously old, quite possibly even a lasting relic from Earth-That-Was. It took one look, and River know without question that she wanted it. Kaylee questioned the decision, wondering if it was entirely wise. Relics from Earth-That-Was were usually quite expensive, and this object was clearly quite cheap, but she knew better than to try and convince River of something when she had set her mind on something else, and the small little toy was escorted back to Serenity inside the jacket pocket of one of Mal’s old coats, which he had given to River when they began to move to some of the colder planets, and all she had to wear was ragdoll sundresses. River was bright and cheery all afternoon. Kaylee was nervous at first, but quickly forgot about it after a fight with Mal about the state of the engine.

The day (or night, as it may have been) was beautiful. The sky was clear, and the stars bright. Wash was really on, and the ride terribly smoother than usual. They were better on gas, which meant it wouldn’t cost as much to refuel once they got to Dactar, which put Mal in a cheery mood. And, with Mal in a cheery mood, everyone was in a cheery mood. Heck, even Serenity seemed to be singing...pulsating out a gentle tempo with an interesting beeping noise. As other instruments began to join in, and the crew realized the words were right there in front of them, Mal began singing cheerily.

"I’ve got a smile on my face and I’ve got four walls around me..."

The crew hummed along cheerily, barely noticing that anything was out of the ordinary.

"I’ve got the ship in the sky, and the starlight around me..."

The crew chimed in with an "oooooeeeeoh!"

"Oh, I win now but sometimes I lose.
I’ve been battered, but I never bruise!
It’s not so bad..."

As the music reached a critical point, it paused, and the crew joined in for what appeared to be the chorus in their gentle outbreak of song.

"And I say,
Way-hey-hey it’s just an ordinary day
and it’s all your state of mind!
At the end of the day, you’ve just got to say
it’s all right."

Simon and Jayne, fully getting into the spirit of the song, harmonized together on the back up line, "it’s all right, it’s all right..."

Mal’s eyes fell on River, who was staring at the singing and dancing crew with fascination. It struck him with an idea, and he raced forward, gripping her hands in his and spinning her around playfully.

"River sits in the corner, what keeps her from dying?"

The crew continued to harmonize. "ooooohhhhhh..."

"Let them say what they want! She won’t stop trying!"

River grinned at Mal playfully, a small blush appearing on her cheeks as Mal released her. She darted quickly over to Simon, to join with him in the song.

"She might stumble if they push her around.
She might fall, but she’ll never lie down!
It’s not so bad...

And I say,
Way-hey-hey it’s just an ordinary day
and it’s all your state of mind!
At the end of the day! You’ll just have to say
it’s all right!"

River joined in with Simon and Jayne to harmonize this time. "It’s all right, it’s all right..."

Mal grinned triumphantly, and burst out with an, "It’s all right!"

Suddenly, the music changed. Kaylee and Inara, totally fused with the spirit of the song, had suddenly burst out into a quick dance number. The music fuelled them on in a brief instrumental, pushing them into elaborate dancing that reminded folks of the stories of Irish dancers back on Earth That Was. The boys were thrilled, clapping their hands merrily as they watched the girls dance. Then, Serenity started up the gentle beeping rhythm again. Jayne looked at Mal hopefully, and Mal smiled and nodded, giving Jayne the opportunity to sing the next verse.

"In this beautiful life, there’s always some sorrow..."

Mal turned to the group, this time he led them in the "oooohhhh" response.

"And it’s a double edged knife, but there’s always tomorrow!"

Jayne looked at Mal nervously, but Mal smiled, and nodded at him to continue. Jayne grinned, bursting into the end of the verse.

"It’s up to you now if you sink or swim,
just keep the faith, and your ship will come in
it’s not so bad...

And I say!
Way-hey-hey it’s just an ordinary day
and it’s all your state of mind!
At the end of the day! You’ll just have to say-"

Suddenly, Mal burst in with another chorus. "I say way-hey-hey it’s just an ordinary day
And it’s all your state of mind!
At the end of the day, you’ll just have to say,
it’s all right.

It’s all right it’s all right..."

Mal grinned, and Jayne bowed his head, letting Mal finish off the verse with the rest of the crew in harmony.

"Cause I got a smile on my face,
And I got four walls around me."

As the music faded, the crew all felt the feelings of immense pride and satisfaction, fading away to a mild embarrassment. Jayne shuffled his feet, Inara and Kaylee looked at each other in confusion. River seemed to be the only one who was really enjoying herself. The others all looked at each other curiously.

"Okay,” Mal said slowly, "that was new."

"Pretty," River said with a grin, dancing around Simon gently. "Music all flowing together, everyone knowing the words and the harmonies..."

"It was pretty Captain," Kaylee said cheerily. "Where’d you get the idea to send music over the com?"

Mal furrowed his brow, walking over to the intercom. "Wash?" he called into it.

"Yeah?" Wash’s voice crackled over the speaker.

"Was it your shiny idea to send music over the com?"

"Uh..." Wash said, his voice sounding embarrassed. There was the sound of shuffling, and Zoe giggling quietly. "No Captain, not us. Wasn’t you?"

Mal was looking more and more agitated by the moment, "Zoe? Jayne? Care to explain?"

"Wasn’t me," Jayne said with a scowl, shifting his feet in embarrassment. "Could do without the music myself."

"And sure wasn’t us Captain," Zoe’s voice cracked over the com.

Mal peered suspiciously around the room, looking at each member his crew with some degree of scepticism. "I don’t know who it was, but I know I don’t like it," he said irritably. "So, enough with the music for one day."

The crew nodded, before grinning at each other and heading back to their stations to finish up with their work. The brief burst into song had lightened the mood even more than it had already been, and everyone was cheerily whistling along with it.

Next Chapter

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